The Men We Need On National Television

The Men We Need has been impacting so many young men around the country and overseas. More and more schools and more and more young men are being given the opportunity to ask the big questions about what it means to be a fine man.

the men we needOn Channel Nine Mornings Show

We were so pleased recently to discover that the program was being used so successfully at a local high school. Jon Hanna, featured in this interview has a real heart for young men and for seeing them really flourish in life. Jon recently began using The Men We Need resource as part of a bigger program at his school.

The interview captures something of the many issues young men face at this moment in history. Of particular relevance was the issue of body image and how that impacts young men’s sense of self-esteem. When a young man feels he cannot attain an ideal that is constantly presented to him then the results can be extremely negative. Some react with anger and some withdraw further into themselves.

At the very least the interview shows that the issues facing young men are increasingly gaining national attention. One of the key aspects we wanted to help young men understand is the crucial issue of how they use masculine strength. So much of the time, young men are conditioned to react out of anger and fear and their strength is channeled into violence or depression. The Men We Need is about helping them, through the support of teachers and families and other mentors so see a new horizon where they have so much to offer to others and to the wider world.


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