A message from Karen L. Doyle R.N.

Dear Educator,

Never has there been a more crucial time in the development of our young men. Never has your role been more important.

So many forces including family breakdown, media impact, delayed adulthood, an absence of meaningful initiation and transition rituals mean that we see so many of our precious young men wrestling with uncertainty, confusion and unhappiness. Even worse, we see these forces carried to the extreme. In far too many cases we see tragic outcomes via self-harm, aggression and significant problems around drug and alcohol use as well the growing issue of pornography addiction, sexting and Internet addiction creating a toxic attitude to women in general and young women in particular.

It does not have to be this way. There is so much we can do. There is so much we can accomplish to turn things around. And it needs to begin now.

There is so much that is wonderful about young men, so much potential for goodness and contribution. Rather than focusing purely on what’s going wrong, we can also begin to place an ever greater focus on what each young man has to offer, his unique skills and abilities that can make such a difference for others.

Reflecting on these issues it gives me great pleasure to bring to you our major new resource, The Men We Need. Having delivered live seminars to over a quarter of a million young people in recent years we have been uniquely privileged to share their hopes and dreams in many memorable conversations. One thing that continually strikes me about young men is that they real do want to be fine men. Sadly, they are often just not sure how to go about it. They also exist in a culture that for complex reasons can make it much harder than we would wish.

The Men We Need is big program. Seven major video modules, staff and student workbooks and ongoing support via digital content mean you are accessing a comprehensive suite of tools to begin a school wide transition to a new vision of manhood. Choicez Media has always been at the forefront of values based resources and this is the biggest program we have ever undertaken. I am more than convinced it will be a powerful new initiative in your school.

I hope you can take time to explore this website and familiarize yourself with the key issues the program addresses and how The Men We Need will give all staff a powerful tool for creating lasting change. Also, make sure you visit www.choicez.com.au to explore samples of all the video content, workbooks and manuals.

Let’s work together on these crucial issues. Let’s reach the boy and change the man!

Best wishes,


Karen L Doyle R.N.
Co – Founder
Choicez Media