What Is The Core Of The Problem In Boys’ Education?


Boys’ education is a task that lies at the very heart of every successful culture in history. The ability to form young men in healthy and prosocial ways that empower them to achieve their potential, develop healthy relationships with women and serve the wider community has never been more important. Boys’ education is a process that calls every committed educator to develop cutting edge strategies for teaching boys and even more importantly to discover what is best in boys.

The core of the problem in boys’ education is that for many years educators and whole school communities have often lacked access to best practice thinking in teaching boys and to the kinds of resources that provided a holistic and comprehensive approach to the unique challenges that face our young men. It is one thing to care deeply about boys’ education and it is another to have the tools as hand to transfer that passion and energy into the classroom in effective ways.

The Men We Need explores multiple key issues in the lives of young men through the dominant paradigm of how masculine strength is used. So many young men receive a toxic cultural formation. They are sadly encouraged to use their strength for selfish, dominant or destructive ends. The Men We Need aims to invert that paradigm by communicating a powerful new message; that masculine strength can be placed at the service of something bigger than the individual. It is this desire to see manhood released for positive and pro-social ends that is the core of The Men We Need program.