An Interview with Dr. Abigail James Phd on Boys’ Education

programs for boysIn this powerful boys’ education interview Jonathan Doyle talks with gender based education expert Dr. Abigail Norfleet James on key issues such as teaching boys and how to develop programs for boys that really succeed. Dr. James is a dynamic and passionate communicator and this interview will help parents, teachers and anyone with an interest in boys’ education make better connections with boys in the classroom and beyond.

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JD:            Well welcome back once again to The Men We Need Podcast.  I’ve got a real treat for you this week.  We’ve been talking off-air and having a few laughs about some of the boys ed suspects that we know[h].  Today I’ve got the privilege of talking with Dr Abigail Norfleet James who is joining us from Virginia and we’re in deep winter here, but I was just noticing the light shining through the window where Abigail is sitting.  You’re heading what, into mid-summer now?

AJ:            We are, about 32 degrees this afternoon.

JD:            32 degrees – that’s Celsius correct?

AJ:            Celsius, yes.

JD:            Virginia…does Virginia have beaches?

AJ:            Ah yes it does, Virginia Beach. Continue reading