Mentoring Boys – Where Have All The Men Gone?

helping-mentorMentoring boys and young men into effective members of society able to make a deep contribution has always been a key task of every generation. But what happens when the men go missing and boys don’t receive the guidance, love, nurture and support they need?
In this week’s podcast I am spending some time reflecting on a powerful quote I read recently and what it offers us in terms of reaching and mentoring boys. It is also worth listening to in terms of how disempowered many men and fathers are. So many men don’t realise that their failures and pain have as much to teach boys as their triumphs and successes. Continue reading

Boys’ Education Video Blog Episode 3


Boys Suffer Poor Body Image

Motivation and Engagement of Boys: Evidence-Based Teaching Practices.

Hi again, Jonathan Doyle here and welcome to the Choicez Media Boys’ Education Weekly Video Blog.

Let us follow up on the concept I introduced last week, that being the concept of virtues education.

 As I mentioned previously, virtues are habits and these habits over time shape character. Continue reading