An Interview with Darren Lewis from Fathering Adventures.

programs for boys

In this powerful interview Jonathan Doyle talks with Darren Lewis, founder of Fathering Adventures about his programs for boys and their fathers. We learn about the incredible role that a father can play in the lives of sons and daughters and much more.

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Welcome to The Men We Need Podcast.  I have the huge pleasure this week of speaking to somebody that I have wanted to talk to for a long time, I have been an unashamed fan of his work because I think it’s absolutely crucial and you know in all the years that I have been working I feel this has been a missing link.  It’s not work that I do, but I think it’s crucial work.  So I am talking with Mr Darren Lewis who is the founder of ‘Fathering Adventures’.  So Darren welcome aboard.

DL:           Thanks Jonathan, it’s great to be speaking with you also.

JD:            And you live in a tough part of the world mate – where are you based?

DL:           Based in Townsville in North, in tropical [h] North Queensland.

JD:            [h] Tropical North Queensland where if it swims, flies, slithers or crawls it can kill you.

DL:           Er, pretty much, pretty much[h].  Continue reading

Help For Email Overload And Social Media Addiction

email overloadOne of the biggest challenges young men seem to face is managing social media overload in their increasingly busy lives. What if there was a way we could help them  to manage the impact of email and social upon their life. Listen in to this podcast as I think I have something for them that will really help.

Email overload and social media addiction is becoming a massive problem but email overload and social media does not have to rule our lives. There is a lot we can do and it is not that complex.


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The Loneliness Of Boys

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programs for boysHow do you talk to girls?

I was sitting in the back of a taxi on the way to another airport.  I had just spent the day delivering seminars to Year 10 boys on manhood, sexuality, pornography and much more. Part of the seminar included the chance for the boys to write anonymous questions related to the big issues we had covered during the day. I would then read them during the week between my first and second seminar with them and answer them upon my return.

That particular day, at one of the most elite private schools in the country, had gone very well. A large part of the impact is simply that as a speaker you come from ‘outside the community’ and also that I addressed issues that are central to their lives but rarely spoken about. Continue reading

The Science of Pornography Addiction

pornography addiction

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Boys and pornography is becoming a big issue for schools and parents. Find out some great information from my recent conference talk.

We only have a very short time together this afternoon so I only wanted to share with you a few basic insights into the way that pornography is shaping our society and in that process impacting millions of individuals and the relationships they value. I have a favourite speaker who once said, “You don’t need a whole bunch of great ideas to change your life  you just need one good idea that you’re actually prepared to use.” So that’s what I want to do this afternoon. I want to leave you with one or two useful insights that you can take forward into your home or professional life. I will give you all a load of free stuff at the end as well as my contact details and if you would like me to work with your organisation or business then we can have that conversation. Continue reading

What Will Make Me Truly Happy?

find happiness

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The title of our second session is What Will Make Me Truly Happy? I wanted to ask your permission to work this talk off my laptop. It will be a little different to my first talk.

So lets begin,

I think that we can hopefully agree from our first session that there are a lot of things about our current culture and its ‘culture of silence’ that are not making us happy. It takes a lot of courage and humility to look into our lives and be honest enough to see that we are believing things or choosing things or doing things that are making us miserable. It’s much easier to just continue on as if everything is fine. We get rewarded for doing that by various forms of social acceptance.

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Boys’ Education Video Blog Episode 6

In this edition of The Men We Need Boys’ Education Video Blog Jonathan Doyle explores more key themes in how we can reach boys more effectively.


Canada – Absence of male role models – CLICK HERE

Educational Leadership – Teaching to the minds of boys – CLICK HERE

NSW GOVT – Making schools a better place for boys – CLICK HERE

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Boys’ Education Video Blog Episode 5 – Programs for Boys

Creating great programs for boys and providing great boys’ education is all about great strategies. This week we fo further into the virtues and look at how helping young men better understand the power of virtue may have a powerful impact upon issues such as bullying and relationships with women.


Craig McClain ‘Boys To Men” Interview HERE

Irish Times – Padraig O’Morain – disillusionment of boys HERE





Programs For Boys – Interview With Craig McClain


jonathan doyle boys to menIn this powerful interview Jonathan Doyle from Choicez Media and The Men We Need interviews inspirational boys’ program founder Craig McClain from the Boys to Men Program. Developing great programs for boys is all about knowing their deepest needs and their hopes to become better men. Listen in as Jonathan and Craig explore some key issues in reaching boys and making a difference in their lives as well as experiencing the growth men can experience in their own lives when they commit to mentoring and sharing with young men.





JD:            Fantastic!  Alright, well let’s just into it.  Well welcome once again to the Men We Need Podcast.  I’ve got a great pleasure today to introduce you to Craig MacLean, joining us all the way from San Diego.  Craig has done some absolutely fantastic works as a Co-founder and now Executive Director of  Now the Boys To Men Program so far – 6,300 young men through the programme and interestingly a 75% retention rate within 12 months for boys through the programme.  So here at The Men We Need we are always keen to find out the great stuff that’s being done round the world, so Craig welcome aboard! Continue reading